“I didn’t go that fast, I never had room!” Ian iriac made what a “privilege” he was

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Although the name of former best athlete Ili Nastase has been linked to bankruptcy He vehemently denied Such is the problem and he has not thought about the past or how his five children will share their heritage, but plans to go to new vacation places and continue to enjoy life.

I am still very strong, I have a super energy, I say I live longer and better. I think about what holidays I go to, I have never had problems with wills and inheritance. I don’t think about my children from this perspective because I gave them everything they needed and they had nothing“, Announced Eli Nastes playport.ro.

Ilie Năstase: “Ian Iriak asked me if I had found a place for eternity”

When asked what he thinks of leaving a legacy to Ian Iriak, Nestase responded with a smile on his face, revealing that his good friend had “offered” him.

I have nothing left for him. He may be me. Everyone knows he is much richer than me. But I don’t even want to think about it. Denial. I can assure you that both Drake and I are still very strong, we did not go so young. Ian Iriak asked me, I found a place for eternity, and then if I arrange these things, you know! I told him it was not me, always a place.

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That I don’t care about this. I bought a piece of land in Bellu, where he built a cemetery. I looked at him and said, ‘Now is the time to trade!” Said ‘Nasty’, in a vague style.

Rat Nastes and Ion irigiri They have been friends for over 50 years and the two have become cousins. Track was baptized by Charlotte, one of Nostalgia’s daughters living in the United States.

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