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Maribel Dominguez He was sacked of U-20 Women’s Mexican National Team A month before, two weeks before the start World Cup in Costa Rica. Complaint before the Mexican Federation by a player Tricolor flag opened an investigation that culminated in the separation of the coaching staff and countless questions about what happened.

After the national team was eliminated in the quarter-finals against Spain, Maribel has decided Give your version. Not before, and that too without affecting a team that played in the World Cup until a few weeks ago A victim of workplace bullying.

“I haven’t done this before and I want it to be clear, out of respect for my players; out of respect for the World Cup, because they were at an important moment in their lives and nothing should have tainted it. They had a good tournament, they could have done better. This I want to be truthful in the interview and just clear things up. I was a victim of workplace bullying. I ended up on the street. That was the worst and it hurt me the most. It hurts me a lot because I think we worked very well throughout the process and unfortunately the situation that happened made it very difficult for me.

Immediately, the player at some point in his action, They took away the authority of the national coach.

“The team has already been taken over by Luis Piñon, Alan Rivera, Miguel Razo. Luis Piñon was the second assistant and now he seems to be the technical director because he is the one who gives all the technical talk. He gives the whole game structure, all the video analysis. The things that have to come to me as technical director are first. It came to him. It was very clear, everyone knew it, everyone knew the displacement they caused me. I appeared, but no longer with that leadership. Alan Rivera, who was the methodological coordinator, in all the aspects that are handled in the national team, is starting to take action on this matter. Let me tell you that it was a month to come.When I was at home (as he tested positive for covid) and started looking at the appointment of the players chart, he let me give my specifications no more. Will, but he already talked about the players’ specs.

They wanted to impose Silvana Flores

Maribel explains Alan Rivera Negotiations for inclusion have begun Silvana Flores At the call of sub-20.

“He starts talking to me about other players, Silvana Flores appears, where Silvana Flores – along with Miguel Razo – commented that she was not physically one hundred percent. We had her, she played with us at the time. She did not bring that speed that we were looking for. Mariana (Gascón, FMF’s director of sports development) knew that. Mariana knew that this particular player didn’t have that level and unfortunately, we were worried because he didn’t have minutes in his team. The point is, every time there was a concentration, that player was named to me. .

also, Maribel Domínguez spoke directly to the footballer Explain your situation:

“He accepted it, I don’t know if he thought about it or brought it up with the family or not. In fact, I told him at one point: you can come and play in the league. We always put those clear points. We cannot have a player who is not 100% physical, because we The last thing you want is to hurt her.

Before the World Cup, Silvana’s name came up againNot to try, but as part of the competing list.

“Suddenly he seemed to go. I told Alan I didn’t agree. ‘What is it about? Is my process not working? Now you’re disrespecting the process of many players who don’t make this roster, and you’re giving me players who don’t even get half the action we want to do with players who could make the final roster. Already when they lay it on you, if they say it goes away; Not there anymore. I no longer agree on many things.

He even discussed the matter Javier Meier, former director of mini-examsAs the same players felt a significant preference:

“I mentioned it at the World Cup itself. He shows up in the quarter finals, and from the beginning he’s very serious and tells me he knows everything that’s going on. The first thing he said to me was, ‘What’s your fear?’ What are your fears about? It’s just that my instructors often change me. Many things are thrust upon me here. I don’t know if he didn’t want to drink, or if he took action on the matter.

“The night before the match against USA, two captains spoke to me and told me that things were going on and they were not comfortable with a lot of things being handled within the group. It was strange to me and I told them that this was not the time to say it. It is night, and they must be quiet tomorrow. They more or less explained it to me. The game ends and unfortunately things go wrong for us. Then when we got to the hotel the captain came and said ‘Mari, we are going to be in the pool area as we are going to a meeting with all the players’. It is lost now, anger is burning, disappointment, many things can be said. I consulted a psychologist (Michael Castaneda) These women have this situation and they told me this. Some of the things discussed there with Silvana”.

Sylvanas again…

“I told him that this talk really bothered me. I went to talk to Javier (Mier) and said to him: Javi, I want to talk to you about a topic, see what this situation is going on. Javi said to me ‘OK, let’s talk about it’. At which point the two captains lock themselves; Michael (Castaneda), the psychologist and a servant were there. The girls start talking about everything going on, the team, the locker room. The only thing Javier said was, ‘We’ll deal with it, I don’t want them talking to that person, that player. Then we’ll address it and follow up to do what we can. He commented on it. After the World Cup, when we get back home, I’m going to talk to the whole coaching staff and we’ll get the points. That talk never happened. He never did anything for it. I don’t feel supported, on the contrary. I felt more anger from him towards us and towards me.

That’s when it was Maribel Domínguez tried to talk to Yon de LuisaBut the whole issue exploded against him:

“I wanted to comment on them so that it would turn out one way or another, but it didn’t. From there, already in the pre-World Cup spotlight, we arrived on the 17th (July) and on the afternoon of the 18th Mariana Gascon told me ‘Yon talk to you. I had delusions… I had so many ideas except that I had a letter against me… I felt displaced for a while, that workplace harassment, and when I finally got a chance to talk to Yon, the first thing he said to me was The thing is, there’s a letter against me. From one of the players. I’m shocked because why is this happening? From there they separate me with my entire coaching staff and all this starts happening.

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