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The results of this Mexican team They haven’t been at their best since 2021 and this has created an environment of much criticism Gerardo MartinoFor many people today, public enemy number one is the believer.

“Not just public enemy, but public enemy number one. People don’t know me, they don’t know what I’m like as a person, if they knew what I’m like as a person, of course it wouldn’t happen to me. The big concern is what impact this has on the player base”, the strategist said at a press conference.

“There was a fluidity to the team until the goal was reached ParaguayEvery time the players have to defend the coach, it’s not good, it’s difficult to be a player and they have to go out and defend the coach, they can’t”.

The Father He lamented that there are colleagues of his who are now happy with the situation Mexican team Based on the results.

“Since the last time you told me I wanted to say yes (people pressure). What I am saying is that when you analyze exactly what is happening, why there is disbelief, because the team played badly and didn’t win, we played well today and lost, disbelief is there, it is difficult to stop the ball. was created. I will not see it stop, I will even observe the environment that is comfortable in this situation, I will observe the happiness that a colleague will lose his job,” he said.

“It’s a different situation, I had good and bad times, but listening to many soccer players, there are always codes among soccer players, things are said in a different way, more attention is paid, especially soccer coaches and players. Obviously it doesn’t happen only to me. Colleagues who worked in Mexico There are, I had to watch Cruz Azul’s games from the outside, sometimes they seemed happy with Diego (Aguirre) going to the fourth or fifth game, I didn’t have the chance to change that, let’s hope the team that played well gets recognition.

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