Hyperion, the cosmic convergence of science and art at the heart of the Dubai International Printing and Packaging Centre

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At the heart of the Donostia International Physics Center (DIPC), a bastion of research in physics and related fields, stands a supercomputer Hyperion, a technological marvel that goes beyond mere data processing functionality to enter the world of cosmic exploration. The last photo session was carried out by Jose concepts to Arteopart from Got Down 31+1 In this location, he not only depicted the imposing physical presence of Hyperion, but also to delve into its architecture with a fresh and simple perspective, a hallmark of his artistic approach.

DSF2258 version with CMYK scaling

Known for its simplicity and dramatic use of contrasts between black and white, Conceptes' style focuses on highlighting subtle details that often go unnoticed. In his exploration of the Hyperion, he was particularly drawn to the hexagonal shapes that dominate the supercomputer's design. From the grids on the ground to the majestic towers surrounding them, these shapes become the true protagonists of his photographic series, inviting the viewer to immerse themselves in a world of sharp lines and clean lines.

DSF2278 version with CMYK scaling

The concepts seek not only to document Hyperion's existence, but to capture the essence of its architecture. Through her lens, the interplay between science and architectural design comes to life, revealing the stunning symmetry and inherent beauty in every component of this machine. His photographs invite deep reflection on how cutting-edge technology, aesthetics and functionality can coexist harmoniously.

DSF2397 version with CMYK scaling

A particularly evocative detail in many of his images is the presence of small lights scattered throughout Hyperion, reminiscent of stars and celestial bodies, that glow in the dark. This element not only adds a layer of cosmic depth to photographs, but also serves as a poetic reminder of the vastness of the universe and the complexity of its secrets, which is reflected in the mysterious processes occurring inside the supercomputer.

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DSF2302 version with CMYK scaling

The concept project is, at its core, a tribute to the convergence of science and art. Each image tells a story of innovation and creativity, where the search for knowledge merges with the search for beauty. Through his unique approach to architectural photography, he not only captured the essence of the Dubai Printing and Packaging Center in San Sebastian, but also celebrated the scale of his contributions and the magnificence of his design.

Version DSF2323

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