Hurricane Sam continues with strong winds in a northwesterly direction

Hurricane Sam continued its progress away from powerful winds and land across the Atlantic on Wednesday, two conditions that will continue until next week, when it has already reached the northern part of the ocean.

The US National Hurricane Center (NHC) has Type 4 hurricanes on the Sam Sapphire-Simpson scale (1 to 5) with winds of up to 130 miles per hour (215 km / h), although they show fluctuations.

At 0500 (0900 GMT) it moves approximately 445 miles (730 km) east of the northern part of the Sam Leeward Islands and 9 miles (15 km / h) in a northwesterly direction.

Coastal clocks or alarms were not in effect as the seventh hurricane passed over the Atlantic in 2021, and a major hurricane did not cross the coast in its entire course.

The NHC predicts that Sam will increase his overall northwest movement speed of travel until Friday, when he is expected to return north.

On the forecast route, Sam will pass through the northeast and northeast of the North Leeward Islands today, untouched.

Anguilla, Barbuda, Antigua, Saint Barthelemy, Montserrat, Guadeloupe, Dominica, Sabah and Saint Kitts and Nevis are the main Leeward Islands that are part of the lower Antilles.

Some fluctuations in Sam’s intensity are expected over the next few days, but it will be a powerful hurricane over the weekend.

The hurricane winds up to 40 miles (65 km) from the center and the tropical storm winds up to 125 miles (205 km).

The storm created by Sam is expected to hit the Lesser Antilles in the next few days and reach Bermuda and the Bahamas in a couple of days, then spread across the east coast of the United States this weekend.

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These swellings can be life threatening and cause current conditions.

There are currently three low pressure systems in the Atlantic Ocean that can form hurricanes, most of which are hurricanes farthest from the American continent.

So far this year, seven hurricanes have formed in the Atlantic Ocean: Elsa, Grace, Henry, Ida, Larry, Nicholas and Sam. Among them Grace, Ida, Larry and Sam reached 3 or more varieties at the Sapphire-Simpson level.

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