How to use your credit card without fear of the credit bureau

a Credit card Today it is a tool that can help you in drafting a file legacy Because with its use a Credit history at the credit bureau Includes both Finance What are you asking for? Payment behaviorto distinguish when you are a responsible debtor do not delay in Pay your monthly installments.

This becomes important because with a favorable background, when you apply for new credits to financial entitiesthey will not refuse your request and can even give you Preferential cost loans You do not see any risks in authorizing financing if you prove that you have fulfilled your financial obligations.

for some Finance Personal Healthy and credit score With the best rating, we will tell you some keys so that you can make proper use of your bank cards to avoid getting into debt or unwanted situations in handling your plastics.

So that your management of your resources is not complicated or accumulated DebtsIdeally, you should know on what occasions you should make your payments for services or purchases with your credit card.

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Some people can get carried away with the feeling that credit is a form of “extra money”, since it’s not a concept that you should liquidate immediately until a reduction in Account Status. But this is not true because these expenses have become a financial obligation that you will have to pay in the end.

Check your personal finances before ordering a credit card. Since a credit line in no way acts as an additional income, you will have to decide how to use it before you start using it on a daily basis or to make purchases. to Internet. your limit ability to pay You need to be well-defined so that you don’t start getting charged and end up getting past the point where it’s hard for you to maintain that level of expense.

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Prefer direct payments over installments. If you don’t make your payments directly, keep in mind that the more portions you defer your consumption, the more interest you’ll pay by adding more time to settle them. The best thing is to use the bank’s plastic for payments made directly and without fees; To settle everything when it cuts and becomes whole before each of them Payday limit.

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Enjoy your plastic banking benefitsSince plastic is more than just a means of instant payment, some users process it and start using it without fully understanding the benefits of a financial product, such as reward programs that, when used, are rewarded with cumulative rewards. Points you can redeem for special benefits, depending on the type of credit card you have contracted with.

Avoid paying everything with your credit card, unless you have already calculated a value Borrowing capacity And keep track of what you spent in a month. Many cardholders end up buying everything they charge in plastic without paying attention to how much of their outlay is beyond what you can afford, so it can be mitigated by deferring debt, but this will make you pay more if you let Interests.

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