How to save mobile data and use Spotify or Netflix while travelling

Technology is a part of every family's travels for entertainment or location. (Photo: Freepik)

While traveling long distances for several days, it is essential to have enough mobile data, but restricting its usage to only a few uses can be inconvenient for the family.

However, there are many ways to continue enjoying content from sites like Netflix or Spotify, without using up large amounts of internet data, which can be very useful later.

For this reason, we provide some recommendations to improve the use of mobile data in remote locations, You can still enjoy movies or songs on these sites.

Spotify is one of the sites that uses the most mobile data. (Photo: REUTERS/Lucas Jackson)

On Spotify, one of the first actions to take is to download content before starting a journey. Take advantage of the Wi-Fi network to download your favorite playlists, albums and podcasts, This will allow you to listen to them without using mobile data.

Additionally, adjust the playback quality in the app and select low or normal quality options through Settings and Music Quality. This will significantly reduce data usage.

Additionally, It is better to enable offline mode in the settings so that you can only listen to previously downloaded content.

Netflix has an option to download the desired content and watch it later without the need for data. (Photo: REUTERS/Dado Ruvic/Illustration//File Photo)

For its part, Netflix lets you download series and movies to watch offline. Download episodes of series and movies using Wi-Fi connection before going on a trip.

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In Settings, then Mobile Data Usage, Select “Wi-Fi Only” to prevent the app from using the mobile data plan, and change the video quality to “Data Saver” to limit consumption.

Netflix also offers a “Smart Downloads” option that lets you automatically manage your downloads, deleting watched episodes and downloading new ones when a WiFi connection is available.

Access to mobile data may be limited for certain applications. (illustrative image information)

To optimize data usage during long journeys, you should enable data saving mode on the mobile device. It is step-by-step in every operating system, which limits the data usage of all apps.

  • On Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage > Data Saver.
  • On iOS devices, go to Settings > Mobile > Options > Low Data Mode.

Another important tip is to disable automatic app syncing in settings and do it manually only when needed and you have Wi-Fi access.

Save mobile data by using secure Wi-Fi networks when you're in cafes, airports, hotels and other public places. Invest in a VPN to protect your private information when using public networks.

Regulating mobile data usage prevents disconnection at inopportune moments. (illustrative image information)

Using apps designed to monitor and manage mobile data usage can be very useful. Some apps allow you to set limits and receive alerts when you reach your data limit. Also, check the data consumption on your smartphone regularly.

On Android, go to Settings > Network & Internet > Data Usage, and on iOS, go to Settings > Mobile Data. It's important to stay informed about data consumption to avoid surprises.

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Make sure app updates are downloaded only when connected to Wi-Fi network. This practice helps to avoid excessive mobile data usage caused by automatic downloads and updates.

One option is that e-books, downloaded audiobooks, and games that don't require an Internet connection can be great alternatives for entertainment. It not only saves data but also offers variety in the content consumed.

Additionally, you should explore the inflight entertainment options available during your trip. Some long-haul flights and trains offer entertainment services that do not require the use of mobile data.

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