How to receive money via Western Union in Venezuela?

Western Union is one of the oldest money transfer companies in the world, with a presence in more than 200 countries through physical agencies.

It allows users to send and receive money nationally and internationally. Additionally, it offers an app and website as an alternative to its physical branches, where users can make transactions by entering the amount to be sent and recipient information.

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Recipients can withdraw funds from authorized agencies or receive them directly into their national bank accounts. To use Western Union services, you only need a valid identity document.

The company is appreciated for its trust, credibility, and transparency in operations and security protocols in handling funds.

Who can use it?

Western Union allows anyone of legal age with a valid ID, such as a current ID, to use its services.

In the case of foreigners, they must have a valid ID card issued by the Venezuelan government.

In addition, you must provide an email to receive payment confirmations and have an active bank account.

Western Union in Venezuela

In Venezuela, Western Union operates through an authorized agent called Zoom, which has been providing services in the country for thirty years.

Zoom, founded in 1992, not only represents Western Union but also serves as an exchange house and express delivery in Venezuela.

To withdraw money from Western Union, users can choose between going to an agency or using other methods.

Once registered, the user can withdraw their money from the agency by choosing between mobile payment, cash or transfer.

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It is necessary to carry your ID card and Operations Control Number (MCTN) to validate the transaction.

If the agency has cash, the customer can receive their money in cash.

Withdrawal at the agency

Zoom recording

1. Enter the Zoom website.

2. Create an account with your name, ID, email and phone number.

3. Confirm the code that will arrive via email.

4. Activate the account, specify the password, and write the code that will arrive via SMS.

5. Attach a photo of your ID and face (in Jpg, Jpeg or PNG format).

cash withdrawal

1. Find a Western Union agency near you.

2. Provide your current ID card.

3. Indicates the transaction number (MTCN) of the transfer.

4. Complete the withdrawal form.

5. Receive your money.

The Zoom system allows you to check the status of your transfer and the availability of funds. You can use mobile payment or bank transfer as alternative methods of withdrawal.

Remote withdrawal


  • Register on Zoom.
  • To have a national bank account in the owner’s name.
  • Good phone signal.


1. Log in to Zoom.

2. Create a payment request and select “International Payments”.

3. Enter the MTCN number for the transfer.

4. Receive a phone call via Zoom to complete the process.

5. The money will be deposited into your national bank account.

6. You will receive payment receipts by email.

This method is only available to registered Zoom users. It is important to have a good phone signal when receiving a Zoom call.

The funds will be deposited into the applicant's national bank account.

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