How to make 3D videos with my iPhone is also very useful for your business

The app provides templates and backgrounds for videos. (illustrative image information)

If you are starting your own business, you need to create attractive photos that will let customers know about your business. The Artificial intelligence The app available at can help you App Store Called Dolly.

The app uses iPhone and proprietary AI-powered technology to create detailed 3D videos. Therefore, future buyers have the opportunity to view the product in detail.

After downloading the app directly from the app store, you need to open it and start registering your products.

This app is only available on the App Store. (App Store)

Although the process is simple, it is important to capture the object from multiple angles in order to perfectly create an artificial intelligence 3D video. Once the video is ready, it will appear on the same app's profile.

Object provides the user with various templates to assemble the object into a 3D scene. These templates also include options such as blank or static backgrounds, and allow you to select camera movements that can navigate through a 3D environment, always keeping the object visible. Note that you need at least an iPhone 11 to use these templates.

Dolly proposed a technique to create 3D videos that starts from a collection of two-dimensional images. Through a classifier, these 2D images are translated into a 3D point cloud. Various parameters such as position and color are applied to this point cloud to create a three-dimensional texture.

These 3D videos are used for social networks of your business. (illustrative image information)

This rendering process is based on deep learning model or artificial intelligence algorithm. A previously trained model calculates the parameters necessary to generate detailed 3D representations.

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Publishing useful content for a business is essential to attract and retain customers, build a strong brand and ultimately increase sales. Below are some key steps to achieve this effectively.

  • Know your audience: The first step is to understand who your target audience is. Explore their interests, needs and behaviors. This information will help them create content that interests them and meets their expectations.
When undertaking, you should consider the images you use to promote your business. (illustrative image information)
  • Set clear goals: Define what you want to achieve with your content. Whether it's increasing your brand's visibility, generating more leads, educating your customers about your products or services, or increasing sales.
  • Create an editorial calendar: Advance planning will allow you to maintain a consistent and organized schedule. An editorial calendar helps you decide what content to publish and when.
  • Diversify your content: Don't limit yourself to just one type of content. Mix in blog posts, videos, infographics, podcasts and social media posts. Diversifying your content will keep your audience engaged and reach a wide variety of consumers.
It is important that you think about your target audience to know what kind of content to create. (Illustration Image Infobae)
  • Improve SEO: If you want your content to be found by more people, it is important to optimize it for search engines like Google. Use relevant keywords, create attractive titles and meta descriptionsAnd make sure your content is easy to read and well structured.
  • Use social networks: Social media is a powerful tool to promote your content. Share your posts on the platforms your audience uses the most. Interact with your followers, respond to their comments and encourage participation.
  • Measure and adjust: Use analytics tools to measure the performance of your content. See what types of content generate the most engagement and what doesn't perform as well. Use this information to adjust and continually improve your strategy.
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Publishing effective content is an ongoing process that requires commitment and adaptation. By following these steps, you can create a solid strategy that will resonate with your audience and contribute to the growth of your business.

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