How to leverage artificial intelligence to win the lottery

Every day we know more And more news related to artificial intelligence (AI), Which go from some basic functions that can help us solve our daily tasks to more complex things that also make us think about the future that humanity can have.

Nowadays we can turn to artificial intelligence if we are looking for some recommendations on what to see or what to eat; There are also platforms that are able to create good scripts and stories with very little data, and there are more complex jobs that they can do.

On this subject, have you ever wondered Is there a way to take advantage of artificial intelligence to win the lottery?

According to a man in Thailand, it is possible, because he got a better prize with the help of ChatGPT, thanks to the fact that after a few tries, he threw a combination with which he got the money.

How to use artificial intelligence to win the lottery

Contrary to what many might think, this person didn’t exactly resort to an AI tool to tell them the winning number for a particular lottery drawing, Instead, what the chatbot did was analyze the latest draws.

Basically, what the lottery player did was give data to ChatGPT so that it would do whatever was necessary to verify it If all numbers have the same drawing probabilities, so as to find out their randomness.

The first thing that is done with AI is to identify numbers that win more often, then you should know which combinations have the most popular numbers, but the results you give are not random because they are not evenly distributed.

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To measure this uniform randomness, they followed several criteria: the extreme score criterion, the Foster-Stewart criterion, and Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient.

And this was the process used by the Thai man, with the help of artificial intelligence, who managed to win the lottery, although practically everything was a product of statistics.

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