How to increase the natural light of a space

One of the trends in deco most wanted are the spaces well lit and with natural lightl, for this generates a feeling of wellness, tranquility and make any site look bigger than it is and. of course, Elegant.

The bad news is that not all houses have a great source of natural lighting, however, there are some tips from the interior design experts that will help you make the most of the little or a lot of sun that gives your home. Take note.

Prefers light colors

Painting the walls in light colors and with glossy finishes helps to take advantage of thein natural light. If you choose a light color for the room, the light will expand, says Flat MX. She also prefers kitchen, bedroom, and bathroom furniture that is light in color. And the same can be applied to the floor.

Decorate with mirrors

These articles help a lot to enhance the natural light, since they reflect it and make it expand. A mirror visually enlarges the space of any area, doubles the spatial perception of your entrance hall, and can help illuminate and highlight essential areas of your home.

Add a rug in light tones

According to Decorated Life, you can improve the lighting of a space with a carpet in light colors. This is especially useful if you have darker floors that don’t improve the light situation.


Open the spaces

In recent years it has become fashionable in the interior design opening the spaces, this means that walls can be removed that prevent the light penetrate the home.

It is increasingly common for the kitchen to be open and have access to it throughout the room, this is a great option for small places, since they give a feeling of greater spaciousness and comfort, as well as allowing more light.

“Remember that before throwing down a wall you should consult with experts if this action is suitable for the structure of the place, so that you know what changes you can make without compromising safety”, they recommend in


They will help you control the lnatural brightness inside your home. Choosing those that are made with thin and light materials, allows to have a greater passage of luminosity.


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