How To Implement iPhone Credit Function

In Concentration mode, that guest user can create a profile on the device.

They say you have to do anything for a friend, and that is true up to a point. If you are not in an emergency, lending your mobile phone is one of the most embarrassing situations you can face. Come on, leave the money to the acquaintance, rather than the phone. If you know how it is thanks to Apple Enable guest mode on iPhone.

If you meet the following requirements you can get this interesting functionality on your device and it can be very useful if you have to give your mobile information to a friend, family member or close person without touching it intentionally or not. .

Requirements for having this mode on your iPhone

Requirements You need to upgrade your iPhone to a minimal version. It does not have the functionality, but you must first configure what is known Concentration method. This way Only available from iOS 15, So your iPhone should at least be updated to that version.

As it is clear, there is only one way to enable concentration mode, which does not bother past generations. In principle, it helps to avoid distractions by mobile when you are doing a task, however you have many other applications. This tool is the one that allows you Use guest mode and lend your iPhone to anyone, Without endangering your personal information.

How To Enable Guest Mode To Provide iPhone To Anyone

First, you need to enable concentration mode. To create a new framework, enter Settings, Access section ”ConcentrationClick on the ”, ” icon+You will find ” in the upper right corner and follow the steps displayed on the screen.

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On screen “What do you want to focus on?“, Click”Customized“Next, select a name and emoji for your custom mode. Two more screens will appear asking if you want to receive calls and notifications from the app. Press both.”Do not allow anything“The guest does not have that kind of access.

The next step is to activate the screens that the invited user can view, which is to everyone’s liking. In “Start screen“, You can run”Hide notification balloons“Y”Custom pages“Apps set up screens that do not know anything.

How To Create “Kids Mode” On iPhone With Selected Apps

How to lock guest screen to access applications

With Enrichment Mode, you have the option to configure the screen lock when the user tries to access the Photos app or WhatsApp. As a result, you’re preventing that user from viewing your conversations or photos you have on your device.

It’s nothing more than an automation Create shortcuts from the application. Open this tool and click on “Create personal automation“And search section”Called“From there, you can wait a few seconds for the block and set the condition to add action.”Start guided access“Click.”To be continued“And disable button”Confirmation request“It simply came to our notice then.

Configure Guided Access Guest Mode iPhone

Enter any application and activate the guest from the concentration mode. When the guided access starts, press Three times on the power button Configure it. From that new screen, “Options“Y Disable all available actions So the user can do nothing.

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Apparently, the terminal is completely blocked. To exit this guided access, Press the power button twice And enter the password on the iPhone. Immediately, the device will return to your control.

How do you know if guest mode is enabled? The iPhone Status Bar will display a person’s white icon as soon as you activate it. In some cases, this may appear instead of this icon Location arrow. To remove that code from the status bar, you must hide it from Settings.

Disable iPhone location icon

Enter section ”Privacy” And select ”LocationFrom that menu, scroll down to enter “System Services”, where you can deactivate the “Icon in the status bar” option at the bottom of the menu. With this, the guest user icon will appear when you activate it.

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