How to get more storage space by cleaning the app

WhatsApp is one of the most used digital communication applications today, thanks to its multiple tools it can be used in work, school, family and social environments, where photos, videos, documents, locations and contacts can be sent quickly., prto how to free up storage space, here we tell you.

However, such file transfer will fill up the storage space, so you will not be able to receive more things, in addition, the operating system will start to slow down, and the computer will be damaged in a short time, so it will be necessary to repair it.Or buy a new one.

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Not only does this happen to the person who downloads what is being sent to him, because the sender also collects everything he sends into his memory. That is why professionals recommend cleaning more often to avoid this kind of inconvenience from becoming big problems, if you are interested in doing it, we will explain how to do it step by step.

Free up memory in WhatsApp
The first thing you should do is check that you have the latest version installed, so it will go to your App Store and, if necessary, the button to update it will be enabled.

Once it is loaded, you have to go into the application, and you will look for the menu, which is the three dots on the upper right side.

You will get five options, you will choose the one that says “Settings” and then you will press “Data Storage”.

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The next thing is to define the first variant “Storage Manager”. You will immediately see your contacts and a list of files of greatest importance.

Conversations will be arranged from heaviest to lightest, once selected, audios, documents and files will appear.

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