How to defeat the Ram 1500 TRX

after arrival RAM 1500 TRX FCA took the throne of the most powerful and sporty pickup truck that for years had been in the hands of the Ford F-150 Raptor. The new generation of Ford F150 It was allowed to lay the groundwork for a formal response in the form of a Raptor R Which is already on its way, and definitely ready for next year. however Hennessy He has shown us on more than one occasion that he doesn’t need a Raptor to create a monster, so he didn’t want to wait and showed us in advance at the end of this year his new car. Hennessy Venom.

The model that is now finally embodied in the form of 775, a F-150 2021 It comes with more power than that of the RAM TRX as well as a more impressive look that was finally tested in reality with its arch rival.


785 hp power to beat the TRX

To make this challenge possible, Hennessey Performance took the F-150 Crew Cab with an engine as its starting point. 5.0L V8 Who accompanies how otherwise great supercharger, but also received other types of improvements in the fuel, air and exhaust systems, which led to some 785 CV Strengths and ones 929 N On par with which generously outperforms the RAM 1500 TRX.

CM Hennessy 775 f150


Of course, he says it’s different than doing it, which is why Hennessey posted a video on his YouTube account in which he takes his new offspring onto his famous track specifically to face the RAM TRX in drag race Which you can see here below. As expected, the 785 CV from the Venom 775 isn’t competitive with the 712 from the Ram TRX, though Ram continues to defend itself with dignity.

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However, this poison is not only distinguished by its benefits. As usual in this series, even in the previous generation F-150, we are faced with Lifting the body off the ground, About 15 cm Extra, and this is above all more important thanks to its new fenders for an authentic off-road vehicle that makes you not miss that it’s not a Raptor, or 35 inch off-road wheels With custom 20″ wheels in black. All this is completed as usual using the usual Hennessy adhesives with the label Venom 775 Supercharged.

CM Hennessy 775 f150


only 100 units

All of these improvements will be priced at the category level of Hennessey Creations, with a number that will be close to $90,000 – $110,000 Depending on the options chosen this also includes the Ford F-150 donor, making it a relatively accessible offering for its strength and looks. Of course, we must be quick, because Hennessy’s intention is only production 100 units From this Venom 775, which will make it a very exclusive model.

CM Hennessy 775 f150


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