How to configure a new Samsung Galaxy phone

Set up your new Samsung Galaxy phone in minutes with this complete guide.

The initial setup interface provided by Samsung is very intuitive.

Have you bought a new Samsung Galaxy mobile? You may need help setting it up properly. Although it does not usually represent any kind of difficulty to go through this process, since Samsung has a very intuitive initial configuration systemThere are pitfalls you need to take into account to avoid “Problems” When using the terminal.

By using the tips we show you in this brief guide, you can complete the configuration of your new Samsung Galaxy phone in less than 15 minutes.

This is how the new Samsung Galaxy phone can be configured

Before you start setting up your Samsung Galaxy terminal, You need to connect it to your home Wi-Fi network. Although it is possible to use mobile data (4G or 5G), we recommend not to activate it, Because? Because if you want to transfer apps and files, you can consume all the data in your mobile phone plan.

Disable ads and commercials

Disable ads and commercials

You can disable ads and promotions from your Samsung phone’s settings.

After inserting the SIM card, the next step Complete the initial setup processThis is usually very intuitive and does not represent any type of difficulty for most users.

Carrying out this procedure is very easy, because the instructions that appear on the screen are activated, and the Samsung boot interface carefully explains what steps must be taken to complete the configuration.

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However, there are some options during setup which, if set to default, may affect the proper user experience. For example, Samsung frequently displays advertisements and sends promotional notifications On some of your phones.

If you want to prevent these types of offers from coming to your device, Follow these steps to disable them:

  • When setting up your Samsung account, you need to uncheck the options “Use Personalization Service” And “Get special offers and news”.
  • By selecting these options, you will prevent Samsung from sending notifications of offers and promotions to your device.

Transfer all data from your old Samsung phone to the new phone

Transfer all data from your old Samsung phone to the new phone

Samsung allows you to wirelessly transfer data from one phone to another.

If you want your new Samsung terminal to have the same wallpaper, same applications and settings as your old phone, You can change all existing data.

Samsung will provide various methods to transfer all information from one terminal to another. From here We recommend using a USB-C type transfer cableBecause the transfer of files, applications and settings is very fast when using this method.

Don’t forget to customize the home screen

Don't forget to customize the home screen

Better not to fill up the home screen with shortcuts.

After setting up your new Samsung Galaxy phone, You should see its home screen. Samsung’s One UI interface gives you the ability to access a large number of options when it comes to customization.

In short, You can change wallpaper, add widgets, find shortcuts Or you can also resize the home screen grid. To make these changes, you need to long press somewhere on the home screen that doesn’t have shortcuts.

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Always set display function

Always set display function

The always-on display function does not consume any battery.

Does your new Samsung Galaxy have an AMOLED screen? Well, that definitely includes it Always on display functionality. What this feature does is keep the screen always on to show you important information: time, date, calendar events, notifications, and more.

Enabling it is very useful if you don’t want to keep your terminal’s screen on all the time. To run it, you need to do all the steps:

  • Enter systems from your terminal.
  • Access the section Lock screen.
  • Click on Always on display.
  • finally, Activate the button It appears to the right of Off.

Interacts with the rest of the functions

Although there are many things you need to configure to make your new Samsung Galaxy phone work properly, those are strictly personal decisions. To give you an idea, here are some elements you can configure to your liking:

  • Use an adaptive battery: This function will make your mobile battery last longer.
  • Change screen refresh rate: You can choose adaptive or fixed refresh rate to enjoy smoother images.
  • Upgrade the terminal: All Samsung phones have a function called “Auto Optimization” which clears app cache, frees up storage space and improves RAM performance.
  • Configure security modes: You can unlock your mobile screen by selecting your fingerprint, face or unlock pattern.

Without adding much to this, if you need to reset your Samsung phone from scratch, you can factory reset it to repeat this entire process.

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