How the new iPhone 15 Pro buttons work

Apple will implement a new type of button on the side of its iPhone 15 Pro models.

Side buttons on iPhone 15 Pro models always work

Rumors about the next generation of Apple smartphones that have been circulating online for the past few months suggest that the company plans to remove the physical volume control buttons from the iPhone 15 Pro. A compact integrated dashboard With support for pressure sensitivity and/or touch gestures.

In fact, the layout of the iPhone 15 Pro volume control has given thanks to some provides Inspired by the CAD files of the original prototype. We know the design change, we know the possible reasons for changing the buttons, and we know what it looks like, but… How will the new iPhone 15 Pro volume controls work?

These will be the new buttons of the iPhone 15 Pro


The iPhone 15 Pro may have a single volume control touch button on the side edge

The physical buttons on the side edge of the iPhone 15 Pro are disappearing. They cease to be mobile elements Fixed panels with haptic functionality. This type of functionality is already present in the iPhone 7’s home button and the iPhone 15 Pro’s volume control will work in a very similar manner.

As per the rumours, the iPhone 15 Pro’s volume control panel Follows real pressure with little vibration Even when the iPhone 15 Pro is turned off, thanks to the microprocessor of the terminal, it remains active when we use it.

How the new volume controls work

iPhone 15 Pro

Apple will integrate volume buttons on its iPhone 15 Pro

Thanks to the implementation of the new “No buttons” function for the module of the iPhone 15 Pro. More haptic engines on the device. They help give the user the feeling of pressing a physical button, and are positioned between the hardware components on the left and right sides.

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In the wake of more credible leaks, Apple will test Two different methods to the volume controls of their early iPhone 15 Pro models.

The first method consists of a group Touch gesture support Depending on the movement of the finger, it will give you the possibility to slide the finger over it to control the audio volume at higher or lower speeds.

On the other hand, the second method is based on touch control Identify or recognize the different levels of stress Adjust device size. In this way, the volume can be quickly adjusted with more pressure.

Finally, there were some concerns about the new volume control panel Gloves or covers do not work well For iPhone 15 Pro. But, apparently, Apple is an enabler Structural system This allows you to customize the sensitivity level of this volume control. Maybe it’s a process similar to the Touch ID setup process.

But there is more…

iPhone 15 Pro

The mute button is replaced by an action button with multiple functions

Apple is planning to introduce another minor change on the side of its iPhone 15 Pro. In theory, the company will replace the iconic mute switch with a bitten Apple logo Multifunctional button.

This will be a button similar to the action button on the Apple Watch Ultra, and may be rendered A wide range of activities Related to iPhone 15 Pro’s Operating System:

  • Mute the sound
  • Do not disturb mode
  • Cycle lock
  • Screenshots
  • Screen recording
  • Turn on the flash
  • Low power mode
  • Enable reachability
  • Run a shortcut
  • Open Control Center
  • Open Notification Center
  • Other accessibility features
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Hopefully the rumors turn out to be true and Apple tweaks it a bit. Continuous design So their iPhone 15 Pro was criticized by replacing these buttons on the side. It’s true that we’ll miss the classic sound switch, but we’re sure we can make better use of this space. Also, many times iPhone users accidentally mute the sound with this small switch.

How the new iPhone 15 Pro buttons workiPhone 15

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