How much money does Amazon make per second?

On July 5, 1994, Jeff Bezos, then a recent graduate of Princeton University, officially founded the company we know today as Amazon in his garage. In Bellevue, Washington. However, at that time the company was founded under the name “Cadabra”, a reference to “Abracadabra”.

Just a few months later, Bezos decided to change the name to Amazon because Cadabra sounded like the word “corpse,” which wasn’t catchy.

About a year later, Amazon officially launched its website, becoming an online bookstore that delivers products to all 50 US states and 45 different countries.

Like many other companies in the early years of its operation, Amazon made lossesBut as the years passed, his income began to increase significantly.

According to the Tipalti portal, Amazon currently generates $21.331 million annually.

This means he earns $676 every second of the dayWhich means you are earning $40,584 every minute.

Every hour, the company founded by Bezos generates $2.43 million.

As of today, Amazon’s revenue is $58.4 million.

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