How Much Money Does a Canalo Alvarez Make While Working With Television?

Sal “Canelo” Alvarez This is one The best boxers in the world and the highest paidBecause he fights every fight, millions of money is in his pocket, amassing great wealth and luxurious life, As his Private aircraft.

It is important to emphasize that Good luck Of Canelo alvarez began to grow From the fastest Signed his exclusive agreement with Televisa. The company that gave him the first chance and made a profit.

How much did Televisa pay to Canelo Alvarez?

Canelo Alvarez Was his Fights as an expert first By year 2005, When he was 15 years old, he was climbing a little bit into the world of boxing He got a good deal with Televisa in 2010.

Rafael Mendoza, Canelo’s publicist At the time, he was announcing for ‘L Economista’ Alvarez made huge profits When he signed with Televisa, he knew how to use it, even though their relationship did not last long.

The Agreement From Canello Alvarez with Televisa, Agreed 2010, It was $ 1 million for 4 years exclusive, After that they will see how things are going and apparently they can improve the offer.

In those times Canelo was paid monthly and in Mexican pesos, So Pocket An image nearby 250 thousand pesos every 30 days, Recalled that the value of the dollar is not like today.

Apart from this, the Contract From Canelo alvarez included A rule Fight bonus, Mexican money was given there 200 thousand pesos for each fight. Of 2010 and 2014, How long his contract lasted, he totally refused 14 fights, So he caught the rest 2.8 million.

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The Relationship come in Canelo Alvarez and Televisa Broken due to a post TV tips, With the company’s editorial logo, it angered the boxer and his team, so they looked for new directions. TV Azteca, Except Millionaire deal with DAZN And other companies.

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