How much does the president of Mexico earn and how much do the ministers earn?

(CNN Spanish) — In a few days, Mexico will decide who will lead the country for the next six years. The incoming president will not rule alone, he will be accompanied by secretaries who will form his cabinet, who will steer the course he sets for the nation on economic, social, security and many other issues.

Have you ever wondered how much the President and his ministers earn from governing?

Approved salary for the President in 2024

For 2024, the confederation's spending budget projects the president — currently Andrés Manuel López Obrador — to have a gross monthly income (before taxes and personal deductions) of about US$11,150 (186,093 Mexican pesos).

Of that amount, the basic salary is about US$3,050, while more than US$8,000 is covered by the concept of guaranteed compensation, which is a supplementary payment to the basic salary but is not taken into account for calculating benefits or social security contributions.

The President has approved nearly US$100 per month in benefits, including a five-year premium, food assistance and group pension insurance.

Already deducting personal deductions for income tax (ISR) and social security and insurance, the president can get about US$7,750 monthly. This is the limit approved by the budget – approved by the House of Representatives.

In terms of net annual income (after withholding ISR), the head of management has approved a salary of approximately US$ 119,300. This calculation includes salary, compensation and other benefits like holiday bonus, bonus, gratuity, union savings and company life insurance.

AMLO's reported salary

President López Obrador's net monthly salary is about US$7,680 (128,205 pesos), according to the Ministry of Public Administration's Transparent Pay Commission website with data for the last fortnight from April 16 to April 30.

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Approved Salary for Secretaries in 2024

The approved budget establishes a maximum gross monthly salary of US$10,950 (182,726 pesos) for secretaries of state.

Ministers have approved benefits in cash and in-kind, up to a maximum of about US$2,595.

And each Secretary is recognized as having a net monthly income, including salary and ordinary benefits, up to a maximum of US$9,715 at fixed or defined dates.

Salary announced by AMLO's cabinet

The secretaries who make up López Obrador's government, except for two for whom data is not available, earn – after taxes – an estimated US$ 7,600 (between 126,597 and 126,994 Mexican pesos) monthly for their position, the page's transparent salary list shows. and the National Transparency Platform, with data from 2024.

Although current salaries for the Secretary of the Navy and Secretary of National Defense are not on the SFP's transparent salary page, the National Transparency Site has information about their 2023 earnings.

Admiral Jose Rafael Ojeda Duran, the secretary of the Navy, announced that he received a monthly salary of about US$7,640 in the first quarter of 2023, the only period in which his salary could be consulted.

The Secretary of National Defense, General Luis Crescencio Sandoval, received a monthly salary of about US$ 7,180 for the first semester and about US$ 7,720 for the second semester of 2023.

CNN reached out to Semar and Sedena to find out the ministers' updated salaries, without immediately receiving a response.

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