How much does an Uber driver earn in Miami?

How much does an Uber driver earn in Miami?It was the background of a conversation, during a trip, between a passenger and a Spanish platform driver who works in the City of the Sun.

The driver can be heard saying in a video clip posted by user caroo.pereez on the platform: “I work between 8 and 9 hours a day.” Tik Tok.

The driver confirmed that he was exclusively assigned to this job and that he could earn between 200 and 220 dollars a day..

“Sometimes things can go a little better, and other times things can go a little wrong, depending on the state of the day,” the driver said, using Friday as an example, the day specifically the video was recorded.

The spontaneous interviewer linked this response to fuel consumption.

“Every day I charge (fuel). Every day I spend half a tank,” which is the response that stimulated the calculations of the passenger, who answered herself that if she loaded half a tank every day at a cost of $3 per tank and multiplied it by 10, meaning half a tank of the car, the profit would remain about 200. dollar.

“But in the middle of everything, you make a better living,” said the driver, who works seven days a week, comparing it to regular or part-time jobs in Miami.

In every country, Uber sets requirements Especially for cars and drivers.

One of the most important is that drivers must be 16 years or older. Own a four-door vehicle in good condition with no cosmetic damage. In addition, any trademark is prohibited.

As for when Driving time In order to ensure the safety of users, pedestrians and all road users, the company limits the hours that the partner cooperating with the Uber application can drive at up to 12 hours, and if this time is exceeded, the application will automatically disconnect it for 6 hours. without interruption.

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Before this time expires, partners will receive notifications in the app when they have 2 hours, 1 hour and 30 minutes of driving time remaining. Every time you disconnect for 6 hours or more, your driving hours will be reset.

However, not everything is rosy for those who decide to devote themselves to this application. last February, Uber, Lyft, and DoorDash drivers demonstrated at Miami Airport and other American cities In exchange for the low payments they receive.

Justice for workers in applicationsA national coalition of ride-sharing and food delivery platform drivers with more than 100,000 members organized the measure, which required apps to be shut down from 11am to 1pm on Valentine's Day in protest.

They claimed that Uber was “taking too much.” They said: “Previously, they paid 80% to the driver and he kept 20%. But now he keeps up to 60% of the profits.”

For its part, Uber responded to the strike with a statement in which it stated, “These types of events rarely have an impact on trips, prices, or driver availability and we guarantee the same will happen. Well, the majority of drivers are satisfied; profits remain strong, and as of the last quarter of… In 2023, drivers in the United States would earn about $33 per hour.

Dissatisfied drivers expected Uber to defend that “drivers work 33 hours an hour”; But this argument is invalid.

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