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series Restaurants Chili’s It is currently a subsidiary of meal Although its origins can be traced back to its incorporation in 1975 in Texas, United States, it soon achieved significant international expansion, particularly in Mexico and other Latin American countries.

If you’re looking for a place to buy hamburgers, grab some good chicken wings or even some grilled ribs, for sure Chili’s It would be one of the options that you can consider to satiate your hunger, and also with the many promotions that they offer on a regular basis, many people visit their stores frequently.

However, did you ever stop to think How much do they get paid? the employees to Chili’s? On this occasion, at Heraldo Binario we tell you a file payroll who receive Workers to Chili pepper In case you would like to apply for any of the vacancies.

How much do they earn at Chili’s?

How much do Chilean employees earn in Mexico?

According to the reporting portal of wages Actually, where the same employees From each company or organization are the ones who report their salary, in Chili restaurants From Mexico, pay the following payroll According to their locations:

  • Chili’s Chef salary: $7,339 per month
  • Chili’s Hostess salary: $7,855 per month
  • Chili’s Kitchen Assistant salary: $5,877 per month
  • Chili’s Kitchen Assistant salary: $5,627 per month
  • General Maintenance Assistant Salary at Chili’s: $5,367 per month
  • Silversmith salary at Chili’s: $6,300 per month
  • Chili’s Shift Manager salary: $12,109 per month
  • Chili’s Service Manager salary: $13,000 per month
  • Chili’s District Supervisor salary: $19,266 per month
  • Chili’s General Manager salary: $19,627 per month
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In addition to those payroll mentioned monthly for Chili’s from Mexicoits employees also receive statutory benefits, such as Social Security, contributions to their previous payments, and additional income such as tips.

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