How bad is it to put too much oil in the engine?

Lubricating oil is vital to the operation of all internal combustion engine vehicles. This fluid ensures that all metal parts run smoothly and without any friction that could damage the engine parts.

The functions of an engine lubricant are numerous and all of them are important. This is why it is so important to do a stretch Change the oil at the recommended times and always maintain the recommended level.

It is very important that the engine oil level is at the specified level and not lower or higher. That’s right, andA high oil level is also bad and can affect the performance of your vehicle.

What happens with too much oil in the engine

Some people have the false impression that putting more oil in the engine than necessary will allow its components to lubricate better.

However, this is not the case because Too much oil in the engine It could cause the opposite to happen. Instead of fully lubricating the components, the oil will not be able to lubricate them well at all.

When there is too much oil, the rotating crankshaft will cause air to come into contact with the oil. Once this happens, the oil becomes very foamy as it circulates through the running engine.

There will be many small pockets of air inside the oil as it thickens. This will slow its flow and ability to rotate through the engine components at the rate necessary to keep the engine cool.

Even worse, the air can contain small particles and debris that then make their way into the oil. This means that the oil is now contaminated and will reduce its effectiveness in lubricating the engine.

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