How and Where to Sell Your $2 Bills and Precious Coins – NBC Miami (51)

If you have valuable notes and coins and wish to sell them, experts recommend that you seek the advice of a numismatist who can assist you in the valuation and sale process of your collection.

Auctions are the preferred method for collectors to sell their banknotes and coins.

To do this: Send an email with multiple photos. If your bills or coins have value, it will tell you how the collection is sent, the sales commission, and the method and period of payment.

If you agree on the details, you send them the bills or coins and they will bid on it. There are also many auction houses like Heritage Auctions.

The National Numismatic Society (ANA) has clubs in various cities around the country that help evaluate coins to see if they are worth it or not. There are also specialized organizations such as “NGC: Coin Grading” and PCGS.

Those interested can sell them on sites like eBay and AuctionTime, at collector’s auctions on the Internet, and at coin shops.

According to collectors, the two best seasons of the year to sell coins are the FUN Show in January and the summer ANA from July to August.

To learn more about “millionaire” pennies and bills, we visited a shop that specializes in coins and collectibles.

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