How about having Alexa or another virtual assistant in your car?

Alexa is probably one of the most popular virtual assistants Since its inception in 2014. Developed by Amazon, this device works with Echo smart speakers. With voice commands, you can perform various tasks, request information, set alarms and more.

This human-machine interaction is increasingly used In different areas of daily life, even while driving. It met that needAmazon emphasized the Echo Auto device It includes accessory cable, vehicle connector and other accessories that connect to the car.

Amazon Echo Auto It costs around $54.99 and is designed for all types of cars, working for most cars with Bluetooth or auxiliary input. However, you should check the compatibility. If your car doesn’t have a built-in voice assistant, all these virtues make it a great companion for those behind the wheel.

Alexa setup process in car

Ford Power-Up / Photo: Ford
Credit: Ford | Courtesy

With the ability to customize your favorite apps to access music, podcasts, news and radio, Amazon Echo Auto setup is very simple. To have Alexa in the car, you must have the app installed on your mobile phone, enter and add a new device. Once this process is complete, follow the simple instructions that you will see on the screen.

For those who don’t Android Auto or Apple CarPlay, this Echo Auto alternative Because it’s wonderful Enable Alexa hands-free features. Among them: make calls without touching the phone, order a text message to be sent for you, calculate your routes after adding addresses and find your vehicle with location configuration.

Benefits of having Alexa in the car

Virtual assistants are on the rise in cars.

The hands-free accessory has a compact, easy-to-install design. It brings five integrated microphones that allow Alexa to better hear your instructionsRegardless of the air conditioning noise.

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Echo Auto connects to the Alexa app from your phone Activated with your current data plan. It also works through car speakers via Bluetooth connection or auxiliary input.

It is not recommended to install the device on fabric, soft or plastic surfaces or near an air conditioner. It’s best to find a resistance piece to mount the adhesive backing that comes with it.

Lamborghini’s infra-maintenance system will use What3words in every Lamborghini Huracan starting in 2022.
Credit: Lamborghini | Courtesy

Technical tools are updated frequently To bring more convenience and ease to people. Using them will make your daily life easier and, in this case, safer, because you will not occupy your hands except for the wheel.

The risk of accidents due to performing other activities while driving is reduced by voice assistants. Taking your eyes off the road while driving, even for a few seconds, can have very serious consequences, so you must pay attention to the road and Delegate tasks to a virtual assistant.

Ask Alexa Play your playlists, tune in to your favorite radio station, call your contacts, send messages or tell the news of the day.

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