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Project Went above Although it supports nearly one-sixth of the Republican Caucasus, mostly in party ways Democratic majority in the lower house (219 seats), It is therefore considered a bipartisan project. The final ballot was 252 votes to 175 against..

During Wednesday’s debate in the House of Representatives, some Republicans spoke in support of the deal, while others expressed opposition to the plan.

The bill was tabled in a two-party system last week Democratic Congressman Benny Thompson, chairman of the Homeland Security Council, and John Cudco, a senior Republican, seeks the conformity of a “Bipartisan and Independent” Commission.

North Carolina Republican legislator Dan Bishop said Gadko “felt he had been misled”, saying the two-party spirit of the law was a cover-up.

Senior Representative Steny Hoyer, leader of the Democratic Majority, compared the Commission to the situation after the 2001 attacks on New York and Washington.

Republican opposition and the shadow of Trump

It will be very difficult for him to thrive in the Senate because it gets 10 Republican votes, which seems complicated in the light Rejection expressed by conservative leaders In Congress. Republican leader Senator Mitch McConnell has said he will not support setting up a commission to investigate the attack on Capitol this Wednesday.

That, too, was one of the arguments of the leader of the Conservatives in the lower house, Kevin McCarthy. “Given The political deviations that clouded this processGiven the negative nature of this initiative, I do not consider it necessary to comment on such fabrications, “said David Cook, chief of The Christian Science Monitor’s Washington bureau.

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But the truth is that negotiations between Republicans and Democrats to set up this commission were fruitful last week, after the Democratic majority accepted several of the Republicans’ demands.

However, Former President Trump on Tuesday urged Republican lawmakers to oppose the creation of the commission. According to a report, this is considered a “democratic trap”.

“Republicans need to become more tough and smarter and stop being used by the extreme left. Hope Mitch McConnell and Kevin McCarthy are listening!“When referring to party leaders in Trump, the Senate and the lower house, they have already expressed their rejection of the Commission.

The former president falsely promised that the commission was a “very discriminatory injustice,” ignoring the sites set up by legislators from both parties, and reiterated that the debate within his party’s factions should “end immediately.”

Commission form

Democrat and Republican negotiators reached a tentative agreement last Friday to create this independent commission to investigate the January 6 attack on the Capitol. By a mob of Trump supporters.

According to this agreement, members May be government employees They must also have “extensive experience in areas such as law enforcement, civil rights, civil liberties, privacy, intelligence and cyber security.”

In addition, there will be commissions The power to compel potential witnesses to testify, There must be a pre-agreement between its president and vice president to do so, or there must be a majority vote of its members.

The Commission is mandated to produce a report with its findings and recommendations by the end of this year. Trump himself, one of the key witnesses, has revealed that he has already rejected the attempt.

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The team interrupted The protocol number of votes that gave official recognition Joe Biden’s victory With violent attacks on Democrats and Vice President Mike Pence, Trump falsely pointed out that he could change the course of the election.

Many of those who attacked Capitol that day are facing charges. During the indictment, an inquiry into the events was conducted by the staff of the administrators, all Democrats.

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