Horacio Villalobos offers to be a barista, but he is overwhelmed with webs

Horace Villalobos He is a television host and stage actor, who has played a large role in His career is in TV Azteca. In addition, he stands out especially for his well-known temperament, which can sometimes hurt inner feelings Programs he participated in as a pitcherz.

On this occasion, the driver decided to reveal on social networks a mistake made by the barista from Starbucks intends to expose their “lack of education”. However, it received a lot of negative comments because many considered it to be so Class commentary responsible for perpetuating social gaps.

Horacio Villalobos barista presents Starbucks and he’s accused of classicism

through your account Twitter, Villalobos Share a picture of a cup of Starbucks with his name written on it, though not quite the same. It turns out that the barista didn’t type it correctly The driver’s name, because he omitted the letter “H”. This disturbed the driver, who did not hesitate to comment on the picture with the text: “Education is the basis for any change and an important factor in restructuring the social fabric.”

Although not all The comments he received after this post were negativeLittle by little, his profile began to be filled with comments attacking him, highlighting the class clip his photo contained.

Among what can be read about this, some responses stand out like: “I offer him a course in Basic spelling al barista (if you like it) Provided you take it too, Horacio, because I see many errors in your tweets (even in your Twitter description) that include punctuation, tildes, spaces, capital letters, etc” and “ok help Him, don’t brag about it…it’s just that you’re tacky with your Starbucks and your cool education atmosphere. “

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However, the actor defended himself and even He responded to quite a few comments in an aggressive manneroffending some users, at the same time as not making any mistakes, arguing that education is important.

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