Hooters: Waiters criticize new uniform and compare it to underwear due to its size

After the introduction of the new shorts in uniform, Hooters faced harsh criticism from many of its female employees, some of whom compared it to “underwear”.

The restaurant chain, popularly known for its tight uniforms for female employees called “Hooters Girls”, released a new short version of its uniform shorts this month.

Since the introduction of the new shorts, many Hooters employees have shared their frustration and concerns about the latest uniforms on social media and some have threatened to resign.

A Tic Tac ToeShared by one user, @ sick.abt.it, and viewed more than nine million times, an employee grabs the new top-cut shorts before comparing them to the old one and writes: “I like my job, but I do not like wearing underwear to work.”

Other Video It went viral on a social media site, using the username ட்டர்ggnguyen, a Hooters employee, asking, “What’s going on here?” Showed the new design when asked.

Others denounced the double standard of the restaurant with an employee using the username @ carrlee.j. Shows The difference in sizes between the new uniform shorts and the old version is that when the company hires new employees, they say, “Make sure our butt is closed, but do they give it to us?”

Many of the videos led DickTock audiences to accept concerns in the comments, with many saying the shorts could not be considered “short”.

“Shorts are a strong word,” one commented, while another said, “They are not shorts, they are. [son] Swimsuit pants “.

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The user suggested that the female staff should reject the change, while someone else writes: “When you were hired, you accepted a certain type of uniform. This is a drastic and unhealthy change, you can deny it.”

According to a post on job-applications.com , The “famous hooters uniform” includes a white tank top, orange shorts, pantyhose, sneakers, white socks and makeup, while the company notes that no other holes are allowed except for the earrings. To be tattooed.

“In some places minor variations of these rules are required, i.e. allowing servers to wear a black tank top one day a week,” the list adds.

A Video Following his viral clip about the shorts following the sharing by icksick.abt.it, it was revealed that the complaints may have had an impact as he said the Houthers CEO contacted him. Your old uniform.

Concerns about the restaurant’s new uniforms come after Hooters recently suffered a pay cut, which in some places is as low as $ 5 an hour.

In a video uploaded to Dicto last month by a Hooters employee named Rose, he asked for $ 8 an hour with a mandatory portion of tips, considering his employer earned $ 500 million last year.

Independent Sec Contacted the hooters for feedback.

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