Honda confirms Red Bull loses second engine from Sequoia Perez and Verstappen

Red Bull is close to receiving grid position penalties that exceed the engine limit for both seasons. Sergio Perez Like it Max Verstappen, After Honda confirmed on Thursday that it would use a third power unit, as the previous two Formula 1 Grand Prix had been rendered ineffective due to mishaps., the division’s official site, reported this in consultation with a Japanese manufacturer.

Red Bull’s troubles came first from a collision at Silverstone between Verstappen and Hamilton, where a machine went missing, and then due to salt Voltaire Potass Both Seko Perez and Max were severely damaged in Hungary.

But there are still 12 races this year and it seems inevitable that the Austrian team will be fined for using the fourth engine in both events and for reasons not caused by them, but by the cars of other teams.

The Red Bull boss in Hungary, quoted by, said there was a “very low chance” of avoiding those fines.

“We had a lot of misfortune in the last two races. It was something terrible in parts, damage, machinery. But we will shake ourselves up and fight in the second half of the championship,” Horner said.

Most teams, notes, are on the second machine of the year.

Christian Horner, who was questioned by special portal about this, said it was frustrating to go through this because the engines were not ‘flying’ or a reliability problem, but “accidents we did not cause”.

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