“HomeOS” is Apple’s next home operating system

One of the job opportunities on the Apple website is focusing on all open positions, in particular Looking for a software engineer to work at Apple Music Service, Indicates that it will work with operating systems “iOS, watchOS, tvOS and homeOS”, the latter not released, Apple never proposed or talked about it. Thanks to the Catalan developer for the information coming to us John Loos Theas.

Also, on the same offer, Apple also refers to this operating system as “mobile”, Something that can give a hint about its existence on small devices (like iPhone or iPad), not just in a fixed position (like a homepot or Apple TV). Offer Glossary “Apple Music Frameworks Team owns the Technology Stack, which integrates the Apple Music experience on our mobile platforms: iOS, watchOS and homeOS.” Of those three lists, this one repeats the previous list, but omits TVOS, which is no longer considered part of Apple’s mobile systems.

Rumor-mongering system about Apple TV integrated homepot

Face this job opportunity, for a position in Cupertino Apple ParkAccording to Apple, “This group is more than a group of engineers, it’s a group of music enthusiasts.” Requirements Objective- In-depth knowledge of C, C and C ++; Systems such as programming and CS core.

Upcoming operating system homeOS connects exactly with the rumors of the past months and the leaks of Mark Curman Ann Updated homepage with integrated Apple TV. Today’s home bots are based on iOS, the operating system for Apple TVs. Another third change in a particular layout for the home could soon be seen.

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Another rumor from March this year was about how Apple was talked about You may be in the process of creating your own homekit parts, Accessible only through third party products to date. A Homeos can sense this rumor and Apple considers it a mobile operating system A Priory Current portfolio static status of products that can be linked to it (Home Pot Mini, Apple TV), Regardless of future arrival as mentioned.

The WWDC Is in the corner, and This would be the perfect setting to announce this new home based site, Which may still be in the early stages of development, but it is not yet time to publish it publicly. To date there have been no specific rumors about this upcoming Apple operating system. On Monday, June 7, maybe we can get out of doubt.

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