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If Netflix movies and series turn into classic books, will people continue to like them or will anyone be interested in reading them through the innovative Adobe program? Question asked by a team of designers BritishKeep an imagination of what might happen.

The British team, known as “Climador”, decided to launch an experiment to answer the question by designing several classic novels and original Netflix releases, relying on Adobe’s projects: “The King of the Tiger”, “Bojak Horseman”. Designboom க்கம் The purpose of the project is to show the basis for these projects, but at the same time preserve the classic spiritual integrity.

New and strange experience, the results have not yet been discovered, but the idea began with the imposition of a comprehensive closure in numerous countries around the world. If it was computers, or televisions, sitting in front of screens and watching shows, series and movies was the appropriate solution.

30 million subscribers by 2020

The number of subscribers to “Netflix” has increased to 30 million by 2020, and among its major works is “King Tiger”, which “Joe Exotic” and his bad girlfriend travels around the world. It also offers suspense and psychological drama, including a series that launched last October. “Queen’s Maneuver” is about the game of chess and another series that directs children to “alien things”.

Netflix was founded on August 29, 1997 in California by Reid Hastings and Mark Randolph, an entertainment company that specializes exclusively in the provision of live broadcast, video, on-demand and CDs via mail.

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The change came in 2013, when it decided to take part in its first production production, “House of Cards” starring the famous actor Kevin Spacey, who discusses American politics, and the network has continued to produce films that compete with it ever since. At festivals, despite the objections of many art organizations, his works are presented locally, not in public.

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