Hipolito Megia met which PLD leaders?

Although details have not been released, he is still at large, with former President Hippolyto Mejia recently holding a meeting with leaders of the opposition Dominican Liberation Party.PLD) And communication actors.

According to photos shared by PLD sub-social websites Victor Manuel Fatul And former reformist leader Claudio de las Santos, who met with “friends”.

A meeting between Majia and PLD leaders and former ministers will be held on May 1. Francis Xavier GarciaTourism; Monchi FatulInterior and police; Ruben Palino CmDefense, as well as Deputy Victor Manuel Fodul, strategist George Lenderborg and spokesman Danny Alcondara et al.

He spoke about the meeting that took place today, Monday Danilo DiazMember of the Political Committee PLDWho rejected any good relations with the modern revolutionary party (PRM)

He said it was due to rumors trying to make an impact domestically PLDThe alleged reconciliation with PRM.

It is speculated that this will be a negotiation to gain support from the meeting. PLDFor the constitutional reform proposed by the government PRM In return for directing Danilo Medina.

“These are rumors that are trying to have a negative impact on the party, but the area’s first opponent was President Medina, who was not interested in the new term because he had two terms in office, but he had no ambitions.According to the party press release, Díaz mentioned in the Matinal 5 plan.

Hippolyto Mejia, with Monzi Fatul and his sons Deputy Victor Manuel Fatul and Jose David Fatul. (External source.)

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Majia with Monzi Fatul and Francisco Jarvier Garcia. (External source)

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Journalist Danny Alcondara, Francisco Javier Garcia and former President Hippolyto Mejia. (External source.)

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