Hermanos Amigeras Hospital confirms it has what it takes to care for actor Ruben Breena

Surgical Medical Hospital”Ameeziras Brothers“, from Havana, revealed this Wednesday that he has “everything he needs” for the actor’s attention. Ruben BrenaA person admitted to intensive care in that institution.

In response to this, the medical center administration A A viral post on FacebookAccordingly it was urgently needed Omeprazole and vitamin K injection To treat an erosive gastritis affecting the artist.

The hospital report asserts “Peace to his followers and to the people in general, always prone to health problems.”

“According to Action protocols, by using omeprazole pb 20 mg, the patient gets all the necessary treatment for erosive gastritis from the first moment,” he explained.

“The hospital has everything required for their care and we will update the information through the already established channels of the hospitalized patients,” the official release added.

Report from Hermanos Amigeras Hospital. Facebook

“At the initial stage of the user’s recent publication about the patient Ruben Brena, a respected actor and the pride of Cuba, who came to our company in poor health, it was the reason for the urgent care of our medical team with multidisciplinary care. The complexity of his condition, currently requires intensive care, with a different treatment plan,” the company confirmed.

The publication does not deny the shortage of medicine in Cuba, which is of great concern to citizens, but blames it on the US embargo. “We are not far from the negative impact of the blockade on our core,” he said.

In the past few hours, requests for help for the famous artist have spread like wildfire in various Facebook groups or among colleagues in the trade.

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On social media, those close to the actor have also wished him a speedy recovery.

Born in Pinar del Río province in 1953, Breana won the love of the Cuban people through her work in radio, cinema, theater and television.

Her most memorable shows on television include soap operas wild land, When water returns to land, If you could love me, night life And Fire storiesamong others.

He has acted in small screen films like cinema Guantanamera, Cast your thoughts upon me, honest love, Nights of Constantinople, The smell is oak And Habanasamong others.

In 2019, Ruben Breena received the ACTUAR Lifetime Achievement Award presented by the ACTUAR Performing Arts Agency.

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