Here’s Thalia in the same outfit from ‘Marimar’ 28 years after the telenovela | Video

Thalia He surprised all his fans with a nostalgia trip Video She shared on her Instagram that it was a Entertainment of MarimarHe availed himself of the same opportunity Clothing of Soap opera. You can see “costeñita” in this clip That’s how it is Famous Marimar is 28 years old After taking to the air, you’ll be surprised how entertained you are.

In the 80s, Thalia She became one of the most popular actresses on Mexican television, thanks to the trilogy of soap operas in which she starred as “Maria”. There was one of them Marimar, “Costenida” who lived in San Martin de la Costa with her grandparents and her dog “Bulcoso”. Ever since this telenovela premiered, 28 yearsMaybe that’s why Talia to recreate Your paper.

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