Here’s how you can use Bard, Google’s AI, to plan your New Year’s resolutions

This AI was released to the public in March 2023. (Europe Press)

Powered by a chatbot Artificial intelligence of Google, BartA tool trained on massive data sets of text and code, can generate text, translate languages, write creative content of various types, and answer questions informatively.

In simple words, Bart It is a computer program that can speak and understand human language, with the aim of supporting any task proposed by a user.

In this context, this AI will help people create an action plan to achieve the goals for 2024.

During the event #DoItWithBard of Google In this infobae Daniela Carvajalino, Co-Founder Biz NationHe explained some guidelines that can be used for this chatbot in destination planning.

For more specific purposes, better bar recommendations can be made. (information)

Carvajalino mentioned Bart It can support entrepreneurs to achieve goals for their companies, and it will “help us achieve our 2024 goals”.

With this in mind, entrepreneurship educators and businesswomen invite people to divide their goals into three important axes: welfare, rest And profession. In each section, the recommendation is to think about a specific goal. This way, it will be easier to go to Bard and prepare Stimulates Very accurate and reliable.

For this exercise, “it’s important to take some time to think about everything you want to achieve or improve,” Carvajalino added.

The more specific the prompt, the better the AI ​​usually produces results. (information)
Bart supports day-to-day tasks. (information)

Once this activity is completed, it can go to Bard to shed some light on formulating an action plan for the 2024 goals.

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Given that a prompt is an indication or signal used to initiate an action within a system such as Bart, for example, in the area welfareIf the person wants to start psychotherapy, they can tell the chatbot:

“I am making a list of my New Year’s resolutions, one of which is to attend psychotherapy. What recommendations do you have to start this goal that I have? Take into account the budgets for psychologists in Bogotá, Colombia and what tips you should follow to choose a professional.

In this case, it is important to remember that Bart is not a professional in this area, so he cannot give specific advice to each person. However, it will help with some queries that the user may need.

Another AI policy at Google is maintaining high standards of scientific excellence. (Google)

There was also a place in the event, in which the country director Google, Giovanni Stella, shared his thoughts on what artificial intelligence looks like. Therefore, it should be governed by parameters such as “socially beneficial, avoiding or reinforcing the creation of unfair biases or incorporating privacy design principles,” as Stella explained when exposing the principles of AI. Google.

This AI works using an algorithm called machine learning, a type of artificial intelligence that allows computer programs to learn by themselves. In Bard’s case, machine learning algorithms are used to train text and code on a large data set.

This dataset contains text from a variety of sources, including books, articles, websites, and code. Hence the importance of fair data management within chatbot systems.

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Entrepreneurs and executives from various fields also participated in the space from their respective regions to share how artificial intelligence is revolutionizing the world.

Stella and the invited entrepreneurs agreed that AI should be a social enhancer. (Google)

For its part, Laura Velasquez, co-founder of Arkangel IA, explained that it is difficult to introduce these new technologies in the healthcare sector because it is a “complex” system, but artificial intelligence can provide many services, such as early diagnosis of diseases. In fact, he shared, lung cancer can be identified by voice patterns.

From the real estate sector, Juan CamposThe Marketing Intelligence and Operations Manager at Habi pointed out that the role of data is fundamental in all AI systems as it is where inputs are derived to provide solutions to their customers.

Likewise, they also participated Diana Giraldo Vosey et al Sebastian Caro From Handy, he acknowledged that AI accelerates and improves processes.

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