Here's how the 'Pick Your Beauty' vote goes

A few days before online voting closes next Monday, the “50 Most Beautiful” can be chosen. Spanish people As of this 2024, nothing has been decided yet.

Online voting began on May 28 and already more than 50,000 votes have been cast from users who want to support one of the five candidates and those who nominated them.

As we expressed at the beginning of the poll, Spanish people On this occasion, he invited five celebrities and asked each of them to nominate another celebrity as “The 50 Most Beautiful” candidate.

Atamari Lopez, Clovis, Marjorie de Sousa, Clarissa Molina And Carmen Villalobos, who have already secured their spots on this year's list, are the celebrities who have nominated. Their candidates for entry into the Bellows list are, in that order: Carla Monroic, Rafael Nieves, Divas, Selins Doribio And Maya.

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So far, Adamari Lopez and her candidate, Carla Monroic, are leading, while Marjorie de Sousa and La Divasa continue to lead. The other three candidates are more distant, but nothing can be saved by fan support.

Voting is open until next Monday! So raise your voice and vote for your favorite candidate on the “50 Most Beautiful People” list of 2024. Enter In this connection Enter your email to cast your vote and ensure your vote is counted.

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