Heat wave and high temperature will affect the east of the country | Univision News United States

The first heat wave of the year began in the eastern United States this Sunday, lasting throughout the week and affecting 30% of the country’s population with temperatures, according to meteorologists 90ºF (32.2ºC) or higher.

The inclusion of the heat wave is the beginning of the hurricane season Ana with sub-tropical storm, First name and this is the sign of serious activity. “This is the first season of the subtropical storm season, with seven consecutive years before June 1,” said Universal meteorologist Albert Martinez.

High temperatures will last until Wednesday, two months before the official start of summer. According to CNN.

“The high-amplitude heat wave will continue to expand,” said Kyle Theme, an expert with the National Weather Service (NWS) office in Atlanta. “The temperature will be 10-15ºF higher than normal,” he said.

With increasing temperature they may break down Records of 70 places in the east of the country. Cities like Atlanta, Nashville, Baltimore and Montgomery have hot forecasts for the coming days.

Some sites have been breaking their records since Saturday. Atlantic City in New Jersey reached 94ºF, the highest temperature since 1992: almost 30 years ago.

It will rain in the Northwest from Sunday to Monday, According to the NWS in Boston, But the heat Will be back on Wednesday. Washington DC will hit 97ºF next Wednesday.

A sudden rise in temperature can cause dehydration and heat stroke.

Experts recommend staying hydrated, wearing light-colored clothing and sunscreen, and not leave children or the elderly unattended on a hot day.

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