He went on a motorcycle and did not return home

Pablo Corrales, a Cuban doctor working at the Cristóbal Labra Polyclinic in the municipality of Havana, has gone missing, according to reports on social media. SoftHe has been missing since earlier this week.

The doctor left his home on his motorcycle four days ago and since then his family has lost touch with him. Gives his cell phone

Capture from Facebook/Dennese R. Guerra González

“His phone is switched off. If anyone sees him after Monday, contact me and I will pass the information on to his relatives,” Michael Díaz García wrote on social networks.

Capture from Facebook/Michaela Días García

Reports of missing persons in Cuba have become frequent in recent months, as have requests for help circulating through social networks to obtain information.

An elderly Cuban woman who escaped from a Havana psychiatric hospital known as Mazora and disappeared for more than 15 days has been in the news in recent days.

Migdalia Hernández Álvarez, 76, escaped from the medical center and authorities have not responded to her daughter Diana Hernández Álvarez, who continues to demand to find her mother, independent media Cubanet condemned this week.

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