He shared a technique to avoid cleaning windows at traffic lights, and he was rejected on the networks

TikTok user’s video was rejected by users. (@maxort)

A video caught the attention TikTok It went viral. Shown by a user? Ways to Avoid Window Cleaners Traffic lights and the post received some negative comments.

This post from an influencer from Mexico explains how to stop window cleaners from continuing their work and save money from tips given after cleaning.

“I’m going to teach you a dumb trick so you don’t have to pay window cleaners. Have you ever had them throw water on you without you asking, and you don’t have time to say no, and you’re forced to pay them?,” began user @maxort.

A Mexican Influencer’s Technique for Avoiding Window Cleaners (TikTok: @maxort)

And he continued: “There is only one thing you have to do Activate the windshield wiper button as they approach. And with that they’re going to leave, they’re not going to tell you anything, and that always works for me. Apply”.

The aftermath was negative, as users rejected her influence on the comments for her video. “That is called rudeness And I don’t think they’ll leave you poorer for a few pennies” and “No, thank you” were some of the criticisms.

On the other hand, others praised him and left their comments to improve his treatment if they find themselves in that situation. “I think the trick is not to be responsible for paying them for something you didn’t ask them to do,” the Mexican influencer posted.

He taught a technique to avoid window cleaners and received some negative feedback.  (TikTok: @maxort)
He taught a technique to avoid window cleaners and received some negative feedback. (TikTok: @maxort)

In fact, the video has gone viral on TikTok and has garnered more than five and a half million views. With comments both for and against, the user maintained his position in a post that crossed 4,000 comments.

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