He disassembles his doorbell and puts ChatGPT on it to answer annoying people

Ronnie Bandini
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Maybe you are one of those annoying people house bell, evangelists trying to send you the Word of God, or sellers of plants, brooms, or whatever you can imagine, and postmen throwing bills at you. But now the answering machine in your house or apartment can be automated thanks to this Argentinian entrepreneur's invention.

Ronnie Bandini created a ringtone ChatGPT:

“I removed the porterito doorbell and added ChatGPT. People who come to offer socks, bags, raffles and words of God will be attended 24×7 by a stubborn and wonderful simulation of humanity,” he wrote on his X. Account.

The project, called RinGPT, is built using a Unihiker board with an integrated microphone and Bluetooth speaker. In addition, the device is programmed in Python and integrated with the OpenAI API, so that all intercom responses are redirected to the Telegram chat, which allows you to find out the reason for people's calls.

The answering bell can answer via ChatGPT or, once the reason for the call is known, the user can decide to personally answer or not answer and leave the task to the virtual assistant. Bandini explains in the video that he used Google's speech recognition library for speech recognition.

“We often complain when AI behaves in brutal ways. But with some knowledge, we can put it at our disposal in no time,” asserts Bandini.

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