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The program of open access, from Canal Havana, on Wednesday addressed the issue of access to banks and its implementation in Havana as a gradual process, aimed at banking operations, because the majority of the population already has a bank account, and now what we want is to deal with all the operations and services offered by the national banking system.

This mainly targets economic actors, which include state entities, budgetary units, new players (MSMEs, PDL, CNA, self-employed) and mainstreaming electronic payments when Lidia Naranjo, Director of Personal Banking at Banque Metropolitano de la Havana, explained in the Havana Channel program the reception of services or the marketing of these economic operators’ offers.

picture: Taken from the Ciudadano de la Habana gate

During the program, viewers’ questions about the process and its difficulties in Havana were answered, including questions about implementation, oversight, the availability of electronic payment operations, elderly customers, and their difficulties, in addition to training methods on the use of payment gateways. Through the ETECSA applications (Transfermóvil and EnZona)

Among its new tasks, the Joven Club de Computación y Electrónica (JCCE) has to accompany this banking operation, which is why anyone who comes to one of its facilities in the capital can arrive and find a service there. For the population over 60 years of age who sometimes find it difficult to have the technological device or perhaps the skills to use it, they can go to the JCCE to explain it to them and take part in the Digital Self-Service Terminals (EAD), said in the TV space Omar Gutierrez Granella, Regional Director for JCCE in Havana.

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Since August 23, 2023, the JCCE has been engaged in the “Youth Club for Cuba” campaign, precisely to accompany the cause of the banking and digital transformation of society, this campaign continues until December 1 and its objective is to take care of all economic entities, natural persons, who arrive with any concern about this matter. Since August 23, 946 people have attended, including 588 natural persons and 358 government entities, MSMEs, etc.

picture: Taken from the Ciudadano de la Habana gate

Gutierrez Granilla noted that 148 people over the age of 60 have been treated, but the JCCE aims to gradually train all people, old or not, so that they can start using these services that still arouse suspicion in them. population. Havana has 82 JCCEs distributed in all its municipalities covering almost all the people’s assemblies, and there the residents can (without traveling long distances) get the service of someone who will help and guide them.

As part of the same digital transformation and interaction with the citizen, the citizen portal already includes a section for banking services. This means that you can actually put articles on how to get to En Zona, the steps to take advantage of Caja Extra services, the transportation wallet and their benefits, explained Neres Niorca González García, Director of Information and Communications Technology for the Prefectural Government.

Popular participation includes the procedure for obtaining a digital seal, which has already been implemented in the services of the Ministry and the Ministry of Justice, and training of OFICODAS is now underway. All this information is listed, as it happens, in the Citizen Portal (https://www.lahabana.gob.cu). Each municipality has its own citizen portal and youth clubs in the capital are included in the whole process.

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It is a multiplying process (digital transformation), in which all the political actors in the neighborhood and communities, the delegates, the heads of the popular councils, are intertwined. González García reports that Havana has two million users who have mobile phones and we also have to influence them so that they benefit from these payment services through the country’s digital portals.

Concerning payment protection for retirees and persons receiving assistance in the Banco Metropolitano de La Habana, trade fairs in each municipality, and access to additional fund services in Correos de Cuba were other issues addressed in the program of free access to the Havana Canal.

Technology trade fairs

picture: Taken from the Ciudadano de la Habana gate

He explained on the Havana Channel program that Havana develops an exhibition of agricultural products and commercial services every Saturday, to which we add measures that benefit digital transformation with all payments for services associated with these fairs that many people go to. Julio Martinez Roque, Havana Government Coordinator.

He indicated the readiness of commercial entities to operate electronic payment channels, whether through TransferMóvil, EnZona Payment or QR Code. For example but not limited to, in the month of August 5.5% of what was sold in the trading system was paid electronically, and today we have more than 2,700 commercial units that make electronic payments, and 382 units that apply the additional cash system.

On Saturday, August 9, we plan to develop a technological trade fair in Centro Havana, on Via Galliano. In it, all the economic actors that will participate will have all their electronic channels to make payments for services.

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Martinez Roque explained that at the fair on Saturday they will also have their own spaces, the Bank, the Computer Club for Youth, Correos and ETECSA. They will promote their electronic payment channels at the same time that they will teach the population how to access them, and even introduce applications to phones and learn how to use them step by step.

Skepticism was expressed by the host, journalist Barbara Duvall, who warned of the continuity of the issue both in the OA program and in the other media proposals of Channel Havana.

(taken from Havana citizen portal)

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