Havana Blue Dresses for Rekla Virgo Day

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Text: Editorial Cuba Noticias 360

Like every September 7th, the streets of Havana are awash with blue in the usual procession to celebrate Yemaya, the patron saint of fishermen, the day of the Queen of the Seas.

With the municipality of Rekla as its center, the typical procession encircles the capital, where the faithful accompany the image of Our Lady of Rekla from its church, built in 1811 and declared a national monument in 1965.

A date marked by strong symbolism is a cause for celebration even for some who do not express faith, quietly asking for health, prosperity and safety for themselves and their loved ones from their privacy.

The Queen of the Seven Seas protects sailors, another reason why many come to worship her on days when some decide to sail 90 miles further in search of other frontiers, her image of hope and guidance on dangerous paths.

Rekla Kanni or Yemaya in the Yoruba pantheon continues to be one of the most beloved deities among the people of the island, even on other dates many believers visit her shrine to make offerings, fulfill promises or ask for their loved ones.

On September 8, 1696, in a celebration commemorating the placement of the present image of the Virgin in the sanctuary, Cubans toured the Havana neighborhood protected by the sea.

In 1708, he was canonized by the congregation of the city of Recla, the patron saint of fishermen, the port and the Bay of Havana. Since 1961, the procession has maintained its authenticity as a religious festival, and although it is mainly limited to the Rekla Catholic Church, it reaches other places in the city where the faithful celebrate the date.

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