Hamad Saeed Raghash – the Journey of UAE Ambitious man of Becoming a Renowned Culture and Heritage Icon

Following his successful objective of becoming a renowned culture and heritage researcher. The UAE based talented man went on to dominate the world of camel racing and sport analysis, sending the world a strong message of inspiration, that you do not need a fancy degree from a university or higher education to become an ideal inspiring character. All you need is confidence, belief, passion and some talent!

Born in 1977 in Al-Ain, UAE’s talented man: Hamad saeed raghash grew up with tremendous love for his country and leaders. Therefore, his desire to achieve something meaningful for his country to raise the UAE name high was always growing. After completing high school, he decided to take responsibility from an early age to embark on the world of working. There was an unstoppable curiosity about his country’s past and culture. He knew the importance of these components towards shaping one’s identity and rise of one’s country.

Making individuals develop awareness about his country was always his goal, not only in the UAE but also globally. As per the UAE becoming the home of many countries worldwide at the present moment, people like Hamad are important!

His knowledge in this respectable career is unmatched as this resulted in his tremendous fame beyond the UAE, as his name is rising also in the Arabian gulf region.

When asked about how does he manage to obtain such tremendous amount of knowledge and information. He said “Where this passion, there is a way” and added “I enjoy having long meaningful conversations with the elderly, they always have something interesting to say, and I am a good listener!”

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Currently he is juggling successfully between being a sport analyst and camel racing enthusiast. If you are wondering how does he manage all that perfectly he states “Fatigue and struggle will always be there, but if there is passion there will a significant ability not only to overcome obstacles but also to create something meaningful and useful for the nation”



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