Half a year after the last conflict, Indian and Chinese soldiers are fighting again on the border between the two countries

Indian media reports that Indian and Chinese soldiers have entered a new conflict on the border between the two countries. The fighting resulted in injuries on both sides of the conflict, he writes BBC.

The incident took place in northern Sikkim, India, near the highly competitive border between the two countries. The Indian military said only a minor incident had taken place, which was “resolved by local commanders on the basis of previously established protocols”.

According to Indian media reports, a Chinese military patrol tried to enter the Indian border in a pass area in Sikkim and was chased away by Indian troops. Sikkim is located 2,500 km east of the Ladakh region between Bhutan and Nepal, where another conflict took place.

The incident comes half a year after a hand-to-hand fight between Indian and Chinese soldiers on the border between the two countries. Then, during a battle that lasted for hours, about 20 Indian soldiers were killed, of which 600 soldiers attacked each other with stones, metal rods or bare hands, the deadliest clash in 60 years. For many years in this disputed frontier area.

Author: Adrian Dumitru

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