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“The expulsion of Sornosa conspired against the possibility of finishing the game as we wished,” DT told a news conference.

Qatar added in a zero draw at home against Chile for the 2022 World Cup that “this is a good point” because this Sunday the tricolor coach Gustavo Albaro said his captains were ahead of a team with a lot of steps “and qualifying for the World Cup is not easy.

Despite losing home units again after a setback against Peru (1-2) last June, Ecuador retained its third place in the South American tie rankings, with 13 points, one more than its next rival Uruguay, who today beat Montevideo, Bolivia (4-2). ) Defeated and his awkward line shook.

When asked about the return of the game system and the lineup of 4 players in the background, Alfaro justified the changes to the “hierarchical players in the center of the field” that La Roja brought in from Martin Lazard.

“Many of the games we played with three midfielders in the middle of the Copa America and knockout stage. The only difference was that instead of having two wings and a focal point, we knew that Chile’s ball handling was in the middle of the field, starting with the wrong 9 and two open points. If we have the hierarchy in place and the numerical superiority of the way we handle the ball, from there we can create an internal game because we did well four or five times in the first half and finish the plays we need to define. “

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Tree’s editor-in-chief continued: “We tried on both systems, we even tried with two lines. But it seemed to me that it would be better to open and finish the ends than to start with line 3. Wheels and the most advanced three., And finish with line 4, two ends and two points inside.” At the climax of the game, Sornoza was sent off in the second half (junior) and conspired against the chances of finishing the game as we wished.

The Argentine national team noted that it “did not slip on the court” because a team could win, lose or draw. “It’s not because we play in Ecuador and Quito, we’ve won any team. It’s not because we play as a spectator, any team wins us. Ecuador already has an identity, it gets it, it works that way. they did.

According to Albaro, Chile had only one set piece, free kick, and only one goal chance in the first half.

“Playing with a low man deprived us of the opportunity to go after the game with all the determination we wanted. But for me, in the context of the game, this is a good point. “It seems to me that whoever believes we are going to win because we are Ecuador and we are playing here, they do not know what South America deserves and the order of the rivals we face,” he said.

Castillo, with muscle fatigue

Alfaro noted that right-arm winger Byron Castillo, who introduced the previous date to a 2-0 win over Paraguay at the same Rodrigo Boss Stadium, had muscle fatigue and that is why he decided to assign him to the variation in the second half.

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“If I start it, it can hurt itself. I chose to use this game and save it against Uruguay,” he revealed.

The same table forward provided Michael Estrada, who gave way in full time to replace Captain Enner Valencia. (D)

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