“Gustavo Albaro’s speech is running, that’s where the players get confused,” says Polo Carrera | Football | Sports

The team, led by DD Albaro, has forgotten to win official matches in the last eight months.

Copa America has just finished eliminating Ecuador 2021, which faces a severe negative series from qualifying rounds with a drought of success and raises suspicions that it will reach the World Cup in Qatar in 2022.

“Ecuador does not have a good performance or balance, but above all it does not have a football structure,” former player and former national coach Polo Carrera told AFP.

Ecuador bids farewell to Copa America in Brazil, finishing unbeaten in one of the five presentations, three draws; He scored five goals and scored nine.

On Saturday, Lionel Messi won 3-0 against Argentina and was eliminated in the quarterfinals, for example, they finished fourth in the first tier group, just before Venezuela, devastated by the Covit-19 infections.

The team, led by coach Gustavo Albaro, has forgotten to win official matches in the last eight months.

Prior to the defeat against Albicelestes, the triangle had drawn with Brazil, Peru (2-2) and Venezuela (2-2) (1-1), and at the national team level it was always elusive after losing to Colombia (1-0) in the oldest tournament in the world.

“In Copa America, we saw how Peru and Colombia improved, even Venezuela left a good picture, but we did not, and it is difficult to see what is to come,” Carrera said.

Albero without bonuses

Prior to the Copa America, Ecuador fell to Brazil (2-0) and Peru (2-1) in the Qatar-2022 match.

To start straightening their way, facing the triangle of the next round of the World Cup in September, they will host Paraguay in Quito and then come to Uruguay.

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Bonuses and accolades have run out of Albaro’s treasures, and criticism is pouring in.

Carrera pointed out that Argentina were responsible for the DT, adding that “the coach’s speech is running, that’s where the players get confused.”

Fortune has been in favor of the trio in the last two dates of the World Cup qualifying rounds. The misconceptions of others helped him to be in third place with 9 points.

“Ecuador has become a predictable team for its rivals, it lacks strength, speed and suspension,” explained former Uruguayan Liga de Quito and Penarol player Polo.

Against Argentina “lost so much respectable time, and then a whole mess arose, by Copa America …”, EL UNIVERSO Mario Canesa’s columnist responded in a trill.

Heap to fix

“We had the opportunity to spend a month with the players and I saw evolution from the first game to the last,” D.T. Gustavo Albaro took comfort in his experience of the trophy.

However, he warned that “obviously I had a lot of things to work on and fix.”

Although he was excited about a great start to his journey to the World Cup with three wins in a row after a fantastic debut against Argentina, they beat him 1-0 with a penalty from Messi.

“You can not do more than think about everything that is coming, this is very important,” Hern கோn Calandes, a goalkeeper of Argentine descent who was a starter in the last games of Brazil-2021, responded on Twitter.

Canesa, the leader and sports analyst, added: “Should we wait now to see if the qualifying rounds are still clear?”, He told the national coach, who was severely reprimanded throughout the match. (D)

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