Gurbao Adolfo promises to have seen Barbara de Reggie in a difficult situation

Actress in recent weeks Barbara de Regil Involved in this Controversy, After she posts a video, she gives a look Head butt to his mom, The criticisms against him did not stop.

Now, however, it seems to be involved in a new scandal, driving Gustavo Adolfo Infonde In some cases, he promises to have seen the protagonist ‘Rosario Scissors’ Under Implications of some Subject.

Infonde released this statement in this post Sale El Chol; After her comrades, Jonah Vega-Beastro and Ana Maria Alvarado They will make sure Reggie regrets it with them because he complained about the way they criticized the heavy relationship he had with his mother, to which the journalist responded that they had not spoken to him for years and had not told him anything.

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But that’s not all, the problem between the two arose many years ago, when the influencer came. “It was very difficult. “ A Photoshoot: “I run the TV magazine for the Excelsior project. We invited Barbara to do a photo session. She went upstairs, Dr. * Kada and others.”Said the driver.

This caused a strong problem that ended up with little communication between the journalist and the actress: “The photo session was canceled. I was very angry with her. We have not spoken to each other since.” Added. Finally, he said very quietly that he would not maintain any kind of relationship ‘Lady Head Butting’, When he was baptized: “He’s not talking to me, he’s so good; every monkey has its megate ”, he concluded.

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Barbara de Regil actress

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