Guillermo Ochoa gets a strong message that shakes the whole of Mexico

Guillermo Ochoa was able to make history in the United States and received a message that shook the whole of Mexico.

Guillermo Ochoa Club strongly monitors his legend within the United States. At 36, the Mexican goalkeeper had the luxury of celebrating 100 failed hurdles with the Eagles. This happened after the match against Solos de Tijuana, where his goal was zero and could mark a historic milestone.

“The best players win games. Legends write history. Guillermo Ochoa, did not allow a goal against 100 games,” they announced from the club’s Twitter account, expressing the pride they feel for the Mexican goalkeeper. Of course, strong news was able to stir not only within the club, but throughout Mexico.

Of course they are not alone. Faced with such a historic event in the life of Guillermo Ochoa, the unconditional support of his family could not be less.

During the Olympics in Tokyo, Memo felt the distance from his wife and children. It’s not easy to face their surprises, but technology has allowed them to feel together along with the key moments that enhance their desire to pursue their dreams.

Memo was not alone, and from a distance, he always knew that his wife Carla Mora was his great support and the one who would float him when he needed it most. She doesn’t cut it when sharing postcards, where they all reflect.

After the US tournament, Guillermo Ochoa, who had already made history with a clean sheet of paper, and his children, along with his wife, photographed each other on the playground and celebrated a historic milestone.

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Through social networks, they earn more than they want. Let the world know that Carla and her kids will always be her No. 1 fans, with emojis expressing their pride in the memo.

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