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The regulatory body has begun an investigation into Pandora’s documents and will visit Guillermo Lasso in Corondalet

The Union for Hope (UNES) bench, which represents Goresmo in the National Assembly, is supposed to investigate the so-called Pandora documents but in the permanent legal commission, seven of the nine members are on its bench.

To this end, before the full session of the Assembly on October 7, a draft resolution will be tabled to change the agenda, which will include a draft resolution on transparency, the Commission on Citizens’ Participation and Social Control, led by Ferdinand Alvarez (UNES), to investigate the Pandora Papers case, and It demands appearances and information that appear necessary.

In addition, after the expiration of the period of the Transparency Commission, orders and requests for information, a detailed report with its respective recommendations will be prepared and discussed before the general meeting of the National Assembly. In accordance with Section 77 of the Organic Act of Assembly Act.

In a press conference of the International Federation of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ), current Ecuadorian President Guillermo Lasso was named in connection with the transfer of shares and assets of Panamanian companies to two trusts in South Dakota, USA.

The hidden wealth of world leaders was revealed in an unprecedented leak

The request to change the agenda will be made by legislator Ronnie Alika (UNES), so as he said, the investigation is being conducted in a very objective political way within the National Assembly.

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He made it clear that he had no serious interest in the investigation proposed by his bench or intended to initiate the indictment of President Guillermo Lasso, but rather to investigate all proceedings surrounding the Pandora case. Includes not only the president, but other presidents as well.

It is known that other political organizations are preparing a resolution to investigate this case, but it is leading to the creation of a multilateral commission, but this is not the spirit of the legislature and the efforts should not be copied.

The draft resolution also calls on the Commission to invite officials and even the President to present because President Guillermo Lasso is to determine whether there are any inconsistencies, especially in the field of ethics and morality; Because in his statements he tried to give people answers, but he commented that it ultimately raised more doubts.

In his opinion, the head of state has mentioned the removal of shares in companies The seaBut it is not known how he did it and what the money of that rule was, whether he sold them or donated and whether he paid homage to those financial movements.

The study opened the investigation

Unanimously, this October 6, the Oversight Commission decided to launch an investigation into the so-called Panama Papers and Pandora Papers cases against officials and former public officials.

Guillermo Lasso invites legislators to the palace to explain about the Pandora documents

To this end, Guillermo Lazo’s letter to the chairman of the commission, Fernando Villavicencio, said that the commission’s legislators would go to the palace to obtain the president’s version. (I)

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