Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Tribunal affirmed Arevalo’s victory: “If he does not take office there will be a breakdown of the constitutional order.”

Guatemala’s Supreme Electoral Court confirms Arevalo’s victory: “If he does not take office there will be a breakdown of the constitutional order” (EFE)

He Supreme Election Tribunal of Guatemala The prosecutor’s office spoke out against and confirmed the victory this Friday BERNARDO AREVALO DE LEON as the country’s next president, after the ruling party earlier announced that it would revoke his post due to irregularities.

“I am a regular magistrate and want to confirm that in a very personal capacity Results are verified, official and irrevocable“, announced Blanca Alfaro, president of the TSE, and said that “at the moment (…) the representatives and the presidential duo are ready to take office on January 14”.

In that regard, the judge also warned that other elections may be held considering the investment agreed on January 14. “Yes [Bernardo Arévalo y Karin Herrera] If they do not take over, it will be unconstitutional.. “I don’t have to defend the election results, we have already signed,” he insisted.

This Friday, after the coordination period between the outgoing and incoming Cabinets ended the previous day to guarantee an orderly transfer, the Public Ministry launched a new offensive. Seed movementwith the intention of preventing him from coming to power.

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Therefore, lawyer Leonor Morales pointed out that the electoral registers used in the elections were “null and void” because they were initially “not recognized” by the TSE, and therefore Such irregularities will render the results invalid For both the President and the Representatives, the Mayor and the Representatives of the Central American Parliament. “The forms used were not approved by the plenary session of the magistrates,” the official said.

This Friday, the Guatemalan Prosecutor’s Office announced that the elections won by Bernardo Arevalo (EFE) would be invalidated due to irregularities.

On his part, the Head of the Special Unit Against Impunity (FECI), Raphael KuruchichIt was also reiterated that TSE will be informed about the findings Termination of immunity of Arevalo For “violation of election norms”, citing discrepancies in his party’s income and expenditure and numerous unidentified receipts.

However, the decision of the Prosecutor’s Office, which was later overruled by the Supreme Court, It is valid only if ordered by the Constitutional Court, which has never been spelled out. That’s why Alfaro recognized the right of the prosecutor’s office to conduct investigations.

“The people of Guatemala are tired of emotions. We want to thank the citizens who went to the polls and voted freely,” he continued in support of the elections, which many international organizations confirmed were transparent, while Andrea Jesina, a lawyer and elected representative of the Semilla movement, wrote. On his social networks, the Public Ministry canceled “No authority” to order to do.

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General Secretary T Organization of American States (OAS), Luis Almagro also addressed the matter and expressed his concern about the “coup attempt by the Guatemalan public prosecutor’s office.”

The OAS condemned the “attempted coup” in Guatemala and the “fraud against the will of the people” (EFE).

“There is an attempt to cancel the general elections this year The worst form of democratic breakdown and consolidating a political fraud against the will of the peopleHe added in a statement.

He was joined by Irma Palencia, the former president of the TSE, who denounced the “political persecution” against the organization, with the ultimate goal of changing the results of the elections won by Arévalo.

According to the ruling party, Palencia has been speaking from abroad since Congress approved the withdrawal of his and three colleagues’ immunity in the framework of an investigation against the company for rigging a computer program used in elections. “34 million (4.1 million euros) would have been saved” compared to the cheaper offer of quetzales (17.9 million euros).

Arévalo has been denouncing the ruling party’s efforts to sabotage his inauguration for months. The first proceedings will be on July 12, when the Public Ministry will be in charge Consuelo Boras – Accused by US of corruption – Planned to make decisions irreversible.

Consuelo Porras has been trying for months to prevent Arévalo from taking office on January 14 (EFE).

Since then, there have been Arrests, Disqualifications, Tests and up Confiscation Against many members of the party and electoral bodies.

In support of Arévalo and the democratic order, thousands of Guatemalans repeatedly took to the streets to demand the prosecutor’s resignation.

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“The prosecutor’s office of Consuelo Boras says the country is ‘a victim of a criminal structure.’ .

(With information from EFE, Europa Press and Reuters)

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