Guatemala and DR report on Kovacs mechanism: “This is a failure”

Guatemala, Alejandro Giamatte and Dominican Republican leader Louis Abinader complained this Tuesday about the WHO’s World Health Organization (WHO)’s way of distributing vaccines because, as they put it, “it was a failure.”

In a conversation between the leaders at the end of the XIII Euro-US Business Meeting in Andorra, Both were dissatisfied with the distribution of Sera through this fund, which was promoted by both public and private actors. It aims to ensure equal access to all countries.

The talks were also attended by the head of the Spanish government, Point Pedro Sanchez, the Prime Minister of Portugal Antonio Costa, and the President of that country, Marcelo Rebello de Sousa, and the head of the Andorra government, Xavier Espot, who was moderated by Ibero-US Secretary of State Rebecca Greinspan.

“The Kovacs system has failed, and I myself have protested against this irresponsibility, where all the vaccines are in a small group of countries, and we do not have access to a large number of them,” the Geomati protest said.

The President confirmed the amount of three million Guatemala to achieve through this mechanism, “Only 81,000 people came”, they have already received more than -200,000 through direct agreement with India.

“We bought Sputnik out of Kovacs instructions, which was a failure, we need a more supportive world,” he said.

For his part, the Dominican leader shared his opponent’s point of view and explained that his country had already demanded that “there should be an agreement on patents that could be produced” nationally.

“It has not been achieved. I understand that every country wants to vaccinate its people first, but I think we are not creative in that sense,” Abinader said.

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